Friday, February 6, 2009

Building Our Scale Model

While building this dome, I have learned that there are different kinds of domes. We are building a 3v dome. It consists of pentagons and hexagons. I have learned that building our scale models at least took two people to put together, so our full size dome will take a lot of work, planning, and precision cutting. I also learned that the flaps need to be large enough to support the structure but small enough so it does not collapse the entire structure. I am very excited to start building. I am also looking forward to watching a movie in it. 


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  1. I agree with Joel. So far while working on the geodesic domes it takes a lot of concentration and work to get it done. We have built a model that is a 1:12 ratio. The full size one is going to take even more work than the model. Today we are working on finding out exactly how much of everything and how much it is going to cost with all of or supplies together. We have $1000 dollars for everything. Hopefully we wont go over our budget. I cant wait to see the final product of it all. Hopefully it will turn out all well so that future freshman can use it for the same things we get to.