Thursday, March 19, 2009

Assembly failure :(

When we first started putting our dome together, we got into groups and started making six pentagons. We used only three tabs per triangle side. With the tabs folded, we connected five triangles to make our pentagon. It is elevated so we can make our dome more structured and so it will curve while putting it all together. Next, we put together the hexagons together separately, putting the pentagons aside during construction. We made five hexagons. Each hexagon will be clipped onto each side of on pentagon. We lifted the center pentagon (the to be attached to our five hexagons) and started connecting one side of each hexagon to one side of each pentagon. After only one hexagon is connected, it gets much more difficult, and unbalanced. Putting the second hexagon on became a challenge. To put the third hexagon on, we had to disconnect the hexagon by taking off one side of a triangle to connect the rest of the shape to the center. While connecting the hexagon, some clips began slipping off, causing the beginning of our dome to collapse, and us to backtrack our work.

All of our work collapsed. Instead of building from the top, down, we try building from the bottom, up. We try making out half hexagons. We connected the half hexagon to a full hexagon. Then connected thus to the pentagon. Once the entire bottom was put together, we started connecting a hexagon to the bottom layer. People stood on the inside of the dome. They would be the ones holding the top so others could clip it on to nearly complete our dome. Another group used half hexagons and connected them to the top pentagon. When completed, the half hexagons will be connected to the other half on the dome. We fixed the parts that had been undone.

ONE person tripped. And the ENTIRE dome fell apart. We have to restart again. We redo it by taking the base o half the dome (a part that we managed to save) and putting it on the ground. Its looking like we are going to save our little progress for another day.

Megan S.

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  1. Loved it. Some really good points in there. Cheers, have a great day