Thursday, March 19, 2009

Assembly Analysis

From our first failure, we realized that the binder clips simply couldn't bind strong enough to keep our giant dome together. We decided that we needed to find another way to bind the tabs together - without adding weight. First, we thought about more bind clips.......but we decided that would be too much weight. Next, we talked about velcro. If we could find velcro that had strong enough adhesive - that would work. However, keeping the male and female parts of the velcro aligned might be difficult.

In the mean time, Mr Beals found a website advertising cardboard rivets. He ordered them express mail, and they showed up on Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon, we started assembling the pentagons and half hexagons back together with the cardboard rivets. We needed to assemble the polygons with binder clips, and then Mr Beals and Mrs Combs came around and drilled hole for the rivets which we could then snap together. These were all ready for the classes on Friday to assemble the dome.

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